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moz-extension://74aa5ab4-0e8b-48db-8d30-24e16e78d9e7/img/informenter-marker-1.pngAs a NBA2k enthusiast from beginning I hate the cap they put on SF, what happened to nba 2k21 mt coins the PlayMaking Defender that allowed the SF place to be like a Kawhi or a genuine 2 way player not the restricted players they have constructed the past 2 years which ends up being trash in various areas. Because of the lack of fluidity at the SF place I haven't played in 2 years while buying the game. Visual Concepts and 2K should get The Mamba Forever Edition correct along with redrafting the 2k league because the joint venture with ESPN is going to be the end of NBA2K.

Theres the problem right there, match will never get better if yall keep preordering this shit. No love for your button shooters?I hope they allow different places to cap out at taller heights too in order to balance out the point guard one. Yes stage guard heights change, but so do other positions, the largest probably being the forward position, a position that really hasn't seen much love. The SF has been limited to becoming a one dimensional player in park particularly last year. Either make a slasher or a wing which corner camps displays, and can somewhat play shield on a few centres. Speed on SFs is terrible as this is a position concerning athleticism and speed, which was a disappointment to me. The floor to ceiling space changes much greater than a 1 guardian in my opinion. They could make some adjustments and not neglect things that deserve at least a little appearance.

Can I finally select my jersey and change up my starting line in play now online?! Or is it going to be 5 years of finding the default jersey and lineup any time I wanna play a buddy with nba teams. Instead of an imaginary 6'8 PG, 2K should have made two way 6'8 wing SF's something. You understand , the most valued type of player in the NBA! . we get to construct a giant lillard. I really don't get it. Yeah, if MyGM is not overhauled, I am sticking to 2k20, the gameplay things seem horrible.

First thing I'm performing in 2k21, turning it to 2k20's shooter stick. . . all this sounds horrible. Every year people like you say all of the new features sound horrible but then, after a month or two, people begin realizing that it's not so awful after all. Do not talk shit about something that you never even tried. This planning shit seems atrociously overcomplicated. It also punishes individuals for using square which makes no sense since it has ever been up for the preference now, and in 2k ur made to use the rod.

Are you stupid? They say in the post multiple occasions that you can still use the button even the rod without this new feature. Every year every new attribute sounds"atrociously overconplicated" to folks like you but cheap Nba 2k21 Mt it is those things that makes differ from each other. Perhaps you'd rather have nba 2k13.

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