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Thread locked due to New Horizons Items excessive toxicity and off-topic conversation in the comments.

I feel like it should have been locked to start with. This is not to go against or support Biden, but politics simply don't belong into this subreddit. It's off topic, usually leads to nothing but shit flinging from a lot of people and is not what anyone comes for.

It was posted by the mod that frequently breaks the subs rules so it will not be removed.

There is no"no politics" rule here and this story is Nintendo-related.

I think that one makes a lot more sense than this. That is a very clear and fair demonstration against the breach of individual rights being struck down by the business that conducts a major game popular around the system at the point, so with the discussion spill over everywhere even remotely associated with Blizzard should have been expected and ordinary. This is a political campaign abusing the popularity of a video game for votes and also that horrible excuse for an advertisement being posted onto a subreddit that should never have anything to do with politics. Human rights aren't political.

Its not only"two sides fighting for power"

I don't have the full context here but it's not about abusing a certain space, it's all about reaching people. Games included BLM messages from the months following George Floyd. In a world filled with things larger than matches, games are bound to be changed. At least Joe is supporting a game about community and being neighborly. God help us buy Nook Miles Ticket when our candidates are added to FN.

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