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moz-extension://74aa5ab4-0e8b-48db-8d30-24e16e78d9e7/img/informenter-marker-1.pngIm more than happy to PSO2 Meseta have purchased about 50k AC and 6k SG within 1 month, would and probably will do it again because PSO2 is just amazing. The Tweaker team should get part of their revenue because with no NA PC version would have lost a lot of players. I've been out of the loop to get pso2: NGS information, but has Sega addressed the transferring of costumes? As in being and not being obscure and allowing people make assumptions.

NGS:PSO2 is essentially the ARR of all PSO2. A new game built off the foundations of the prior one. They haven't been super specific but they have stated that you can move characters over but it is not 1-to-1 since it's technically a brand new game. They also have said that both matches will operate simultaneously, so people are able to keep playing the original pso2 at the same moment. Ok, consider the PSO2 games as Sword Art Online's setting after the initial arc.

You have got. Difference between SAO and PSO, your initial character is not deleted and you may move things back and forth between the 2 games, even if your gameplay progression from the 2 matches are separate. For people who cannot spend money on any sport at this time like me, there's the Microsoft reward points which may net you a bit of AC. All is do random searches and download the Bing program. It'll take about 2 months to get points it's possible to get a 5$ Microsoft card. Downside is, you have to use the Microsoft store customer to use this AC

I bet a good deal of that is the timing of the lockdown tho that is pandemic. In taking my $ so far hope Sega doesn't get overly comfortable. Most of this bought multiples of the various packages trigger those are actually deals. Now that it is over, I'm just going to mainly cover premium (after my backlog of these runs out). Great. The MS Store horror show might have tarnished the game's western launch as though they're beyond that, but it looks and it's doing really well . This is hoping the success continues beyond the honeymoon period.

I totally support these monetization attempts by Sega and expect it means we'll find more PSO related names in the west, and even more perceptible things again provided that Sega continues to get gain. As someone who generally doesn't whale out to a game like this, I have played completely F2P, and also played it as a"just buy stock space and pso2 sales nothing else".

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