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I am currently writing a history of a school which will be published and sold commercially for the benefit of the old pupils' association.
I have several articles which were taken from the local newspaper for the period 1920-69 which I don't intend to copy but would like to use information from them (such as quote from a speech made by the headmistress or a governor). Is there likely to be a copyright issue with quoting from a speech?
There is also an interview, carried out in 1951, written by (quote) "An Old Scholar" about the local schools in 1880 and his experience at our school. It would be amazing to include some of this in the book, or at least to paraphrase and quote from it. Clearly, the author will be long gone, and he wished to remain anonymous at the time but is there still copyright with the newspaper?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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