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I've been trying different things on my new 3B+ and noticed today that when booting from a FAT32 micro-SD card with only bootcode.bin, my bootable USB SSD drive with fully upgraded 2018-03-13 Raspbian Stretch fails to boot. I get the repeating pattern of 4 green flashes, which if I remember right, means start.elf cannot be found. However, if I remove the SD card it boots right up, so it's not a problem with the SSD or OS on the drive.

In addition, if I replace the 3B+ with my older 3B it boots just fine with the bootcode.bin only SD card.

Same SD card. Same SSD drive. Same PSU. Same everything, except the 3B+ vs 3B.So, is bootcode.bin only USB boot not supported on the new 3B+ ... and if not, is that documented anywhere?

Please help.

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